Preferred Stocks for Trading October 26 and Target Prices

October 26, 2022

Some analysts predict that the JCI has the potential to weaken today. However, there is potential for a technical rebound to occur. For that, consider the October 11 trading options stocks and their target prices. On Monday’s trading (10/10/2022), the JCI closed down by 32 points 0.46% to the level of 6,994. The energy, industry, […]

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How to Scalping Stocks For Beginners

September 25, 2022

Stock scalping is one way to be able to take profits quickly in the stock market. However, the risk is not small. Therefore, beginners who want to use scalping need to be extra careful. We will explore the ins and outs of profitable stock scalping strategies, especially for beginners. What is Scalping in Stocks Scalping […]

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Understanding Stocks and Bonds According to Experts

November 3, 2021

Stocks are securities that show ownership of the company so that shareholders have the right to claim dividends or other distributions made by the company to its shareholders, including claim rights to company assets, with priority after the claim rights of other securities holders are fulfilled in the event of liquidity. Shares (securities) are pieces […]

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Understanding Stock Broker

October 20, 2021

Stock Broker is a person or firm that acts as an intermediary for investors in transacting or buying and selling shares in the capital market. These stockbrokers usually work in a company that carries out business activities of buying and selling shares and working in accordance with stock exchange ethics. And the company that carries […]

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